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The annual Walk for Grace brings people from around the community together to break the silence of suicide and offer a weekend of reflection, ounces of peace, handfuls of gratitude, and a safer community looking to support those whose lives that have been affected by suicide and spread the message that there is hope. 


Whether at community events or conventions, GF2B has built connections with individuals and groups by engaging everyone in conversations that focuses on our shared humanity. Their message resonates with anyone who has ever felt alone or hopeless. 


A key factor in suicide prevention, thier strong educational programs help bring light to topics that have been shrouded in cultural taboos. Through their education campaign, GF2B is changing people's minds about how they think and act to topics like depression and suicide.

Healing and Compassion

For those who have had their lives touched by suicide or depression, GF2B offers a comforting hand that will continue to hold on and help you face whatever may come with understanding, compassion, and grace.

Dedication & Service

For nearly a decade, the members and volunteers of GF2B have worked to change the discussion and culture surrounding suicide and depression in our community and state.  They truly deserve the 2018 Organization of the Year award. 

Our Mission and Purpose

Formed in 2010 by BJ Ayers, Grace For 2 Brothers Foundation is an educational organization dedicated to the advocacy of suicide prevention through awareness and education around the state of Wyoming.

The foundation provides resource information and assistance to those who are in crisis, or who know someone in crisis. In addition we provide support and resources to survivors of suicide loss.

The suicide prevention resources that GF2B provides includes Wyoming's first Survivor of Suicide Attempt or Lived Experience Support Group (launching January 2017), Suicide prevention materials, pamphlets, and books, suicide prevention awareness events, suicide prevention public presentations, and suicide prevention training.

The support we offer survivors of suicide loss in Wyoming include the Hour of Grace Grief Support Group, grief support packets to the newly beavered, survivors of suicide loss materials, pamphlets, and books, survivors of suicide loss events, and survivor of suicide loss grief support presentations.

We believe education is a key factor in  suicide prevention. We provide resources, classes, training and certifications to individuals, schools and organizations around the state in the following areas.

  • QPR Training (Question, Persuade, Refer)
  • Mental Health First Aid Training (MHFA)
  • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

We provide Lived Experience Peer Support Groups (LESG) for survivors of suicide attempt or those living with suicidal ideology . 

Learn More

To learn more about what we do, and how we may be able to help, please visit our website for more information or connect with us on social media.

If you are struggling right now please reach out by texting  WYO to 741741 or by calling (8255) the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. 

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why we are riding for gf2B

No one is immune from experiencing depression at some point in their life. It can be triggered by various biological, psychological and environmental factors.  Recently, the circumstances in my life caused me to struggle with depression. While a friend with good intentions may offer you the advice that "time heals all wounds", it is during that "time" when someone could use the support and resources of GF2B the most.  For myself, I found healing through God and by exercise and activity. Regularly going to the gym and cycling is my therapy.  For others, turning things around may not be as simple as hopping on a bike. 

This is why I chose Grace for 2 Brothers to ride for in June 2019. I want to help bring awareness and funding to a foundation that can help someone hurting, offer QPR training to schools and organizations and to provide support for those affected by suicide.


GF2B has the resources to help people suffering with depression, survivors of suicide attempt, for the families and friends who are left behind. They also provide certified training and education for professionals of the warning signs of a person in suicide crisis and how to respond.

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