cycle for life's mission


To let our vacation, in a small way, help others.

"Not looking to your own interest but each of you to the interest of others." Philippians 2:4

About Us

How did start?


In 2015, Patrick bicycled solo from Cheyenne to San Francisco. 1,300 miles in 13 days. During that ride he was asked several times if it was a charity ride. In 2016, while preparing for a ride from Cheyenne to Orlando, he was further encouraged by friends to make the trip a ride for charity,  so was formed.

"I knew that I was about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime. What I didn't realize was the overwhelming support and giving from people all over willing to donate. That ride raised over $20,000 for three local charities."

In 2016 CycleofLife, now called, was created to promote awareness and fundraising for people in need in Laramie County. has turned Patrick's cross country bicycle rides into a way to help neighbors in need. 2,000 miles and 18 days later, through the generosity of people around the country, in its first year Cycle of Life raised just over $20,000 for the three local charities: Day of Giving, Across the Street Homes and Habitat for Humanity.  These organizations provide food, clothing and shelter for local residents in Southeast Wyoming. 

It was then that Patrick knew that he wanted to do more and plan future rides for other organizations that provide assistance to those in need within his community.     


about the riders

Patrick Graham, creator of

Patrick Graham, has called Cheyenne home for 44 years. He is a local REALTOR and bicycle nerd. 

At the age of 15, I took my first long bike ride with a friend where we pedaled from Cheyenne to Vedauwoo for a weekend camp out. Since then, I have bicycled across the U.S. from California to Florida.

I've never lost the joy of cycling I discovered as a kid. It was the bicycle that allowed me to adventure further than the front yard for the first time and explore the neighborhood and beyond. I truly believe that cycling has kept me healthy both physically and mentally throughout my life.

For the past 25 years I have been involved with several charitable organizations in Laramie County including riding in the MS 150 ride, Serving on many local boards, fundraising and assisting in many programs. Creating Cycle For Life has combined my two favorite passions of cycling and community service.

Mark Wells

Dr. Mark Wells, has called Cheyenne home since he was 7. An optometrist, local business owner and avid hunter. 

Cycling was never a hobby that I did growing up or even as an adult until I discovered the Multiple Sclerosis MS 150! I attended the event as a spectator one year and after some encouragement from some members on the team I was supporting, I decided to sign up for my first real ride! I had purchased a bike the week before but had never ridden a bike more than 10 miles at any given time. The next day I rode 80 miles and although it was one of the most grueling things I had ever done, I was hooked on the feeling it gave me! 

I soon discovered that cycling would be a way that I could continue to keep my body in shape without the pounding on my body that running was doing to it. I knew that cycling could be an exercise that I could do late in life as I moved into my fifties. Cycling got me excited to start participating in Triathlons and I did those for a few years until my shoulders started feeling the grind of swimming many miles a week. Now cycling allows me the freedom to be on my bike in the great outdoors and seeing new scenes and landscapes I have never experienced. 

I mostly ride to keep my body in shape for hunting, but I also enjoy participating in fund raisers that involve cycling, especially the MS 150 for what it does to raise money and awareness for a disease that I see a lot of in my profession as an optometrist. I am looking forward to my next big ride

2019 Ride

Why are we riding for GF2B?

No one is immune from experiencing depression at some point in their life. It can be triggered by various biological, psychological and environmental factors.  Recently, the circumstances in my life caused me to struggle with depression. While a friend with good intentions may offer you the advice that "time heals all wounds", it is during that "time" when someone could use the support and resources of GF2B the most.  For myself, I found healing through God and by exercise and activity. Regularly going to the gym and cycling is my therapy.  For others, turning things around may not be as simple as hopping on a bike. This is why I chose Grace for 2 Brothers to ride for in June 2019. 

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Where are we going in 2019?

Oh wouldn't you like to know? But we cannot tell you. This fundraiser has a "Where's Waldo" twist. 

Follow the ride on Facebook and watch for clues as to where we are. Map it out, figure out the average miles ridden per day. How do you play? with every donation, you have  the chance to guess the three d's (destination, distance and date) to win the top prize which is a shopping Spree to Rock On Wheels cycle and Ski Shop.

Stay tuned for more details.

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