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We promote and support non-profit organizations

 On our first charity ride, we raised over $20,000! We gave 100% of those funds to the three worthy charities above: Day of Giving, Across the Street Homes, and Habitat for Humanity.  


We bet you would like to know.

But we cannot tell you. This fundraiser has a "Where's Waldo" twist. Follow the ride on Facebook and watch for clues as to where we are. Map it out and figure out the average miles ridden per day.

How do you play?  With every qualifying donation, you have  the chance to guess the three D's (destination, distance and date) to win the top prize which is a shopping Spree to Rock On Wheels cycle and Ski Shop.

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Our Featured Charity

Grace for 2 Brothers provides resource information and assistance to those who are in crisis, or who know someone in crisis. They also provide support and resources to survivors of suicide loss.

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"I knew I was about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime. What I didn't realize was the overwhelming support and giving from people all over."


About us

Where Are They?

Follow along as Patrick and Mark prepare for their ride, embark on their adventure, and leave clues for your to follow that will help with this year's "Where's Waldo" inspired twist.

2019 Ride


Do you have a bike? Join the club for regular group rides. This is not a race but rather a fun outdoor activity with friends. The rides are open to riders of all levels. Hey, its Wyoming and our summers are short, so we will be having rides throughout winter, weather permitting. So bundle up buttercup and lets pedal to the local coffee shop, or cafe for some weekend fun.